The Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP), BRICS and the South African Connection.

Treasonous Pilfering Parties

No undisclosed agreement can be lawful.Wikileaks unverified leaks do not amount to disclosure.

by Katherine Frisk:


Firstly, what is the TPP? This is legislation that is about to be passed in the USA between 12 countries and includes 40% of the world’s GDP. This will later include the whole of Europe in the TTIP. The implications and the outcome of the TPP and the TTIP will give Corporations the same legal rights as Governments, up to and including their own Court System. You can call it “Governments floating in space,” or “Corporate Entities floating in space,” most probably registered in post boxes on some out of orbit space module circling the earth, or on some billion dollar yacht anchored out in International waters (post boxes in the Caribbean have become so last century!) where they are not subject to tax regulations, any governmental legislation or even United Nations resolutions. In other words, these banks and corporations will gain total sovereignty and be…

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