The Pope, Climate Change and what they are not telling you.

Maybe it would be believable if the Vatican had spent a generous portion of its huge wealth, land, gold, investments in weaponry or their banking system to actually help the poor… instead of talking about the inequality that the unholy triad supports.

The pope is a mouthpiece tool for the patriarchy which is composed of the City of London(*Crown), Washington DC & the Vatican .


*“The Crown” is a committee of twelve to fourteen men who rule the independent sovereign state known as London or ‘The City.’ ‘The City’ is not part of England.”

by Katherine Frisk:

WikipediaPope_Francis_Korea_Haemi_Castle_19_(cropped)So the man with the little white skull cap who lives in that big mansion filled with the world’s most priceless art collection, a library packed with secrets they do not share and an underground labyrinth of catacombs filled with gold and other precious metals and gems, has decided to step up to the plate and support climate change. They are a “poor church” I tell ya!

Before we can even begin to discuss “climate change,”perhaps a full and open investigation into the secret workings of geo-engineering should be called for by the Pope before he goes around the world asking for money to clean up all the pollution that companies and corporations do not want to take personal responsibility for because it will cut into their profits. Much rather the 99% gets burdened with another tax and takes up all the flak than companies like BP…

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