Unanswered questions for ex-CIA officer Edward Snowden

Reblogged: An investigation into the cabal’s  “hero” Snowden.

Corporate media’s elaborate fabrication of fictitious “heros” by re branding their own CIA (or KGB) “bad guys” to do this.So why do they let you know  a small fraction of their actions- they  want you to know they are illegally spying on you. What can you do about it? It implies that the govt has an authority and is “above us ” watching everyone. Snowden was authorized to leak the particular  information. Just as they leaked the selected information on their torture and renditions.

Like Snowden (upon investigation and questioning) Putin is also a bankster cabal player and not the “lefty” media construct “hero’ taking on the “evil US infidels” .

Jon Rappoport's Blog

Unanswered questions for ex-CIA officer Edward Snowden

by Jon Rappoport

March 18, 2015


Now that the documentary, Citizen Four, has been released, and now that it has won an Oscar, it’s time to revisit unanswered questions, which I raised soon after Snowden’s identity was revealed to the world. (Spygate archive here)

This is not an article about the value of the documents Edward Snowden took from the NSA. I leave those judgments to others.

This article is about Snowden himself and his back-story.

So far, I see no reporter who has directly asked Snowden even faintly challenging questions about his background.

I find that quite odd. And the number of people who don’t find it odd makes the situation even odder.

If a man came to me, stating he was an ex-CIA officer who had taken a huge cache of vital documents from the other major…

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