The Grid of Jeopardy.

The IBM corporation is  well known  for its collaboration and   alliance with Hitler in Nazi Germany. ” IBM directly supplied the Nazis with technology which was used to  transport  people to their deaths in the concentration camps at Auschwitz and Treblinka. When the Nazis invaded Poland, “IBM New York established a special new subsidiary called Watson Business Machines,” after its then- president, Thomas Watson. “IBM’s new Polish company’s sole purpose was to service the Nazi occupation  of Poland”

At a time of growing global fascism IBM’s new system ‘Watson’ was pointedly  marketed on a game show called “Jeopardy”.

So what does Watson do and  how does it make money for IBM? In this Watson venture Softbank is  partnered with  IBM corporation . And Softbank, as a big bank, is not regulated and can create money and credit from nothing, buying up/out all the communication, technology, information   and networks it needs to set up and control “the grid”.   Following Watson’s media launch on a US trivial game show  Watson/IBM  then started working with USA’s biggest health insurance corporations in order to cut costs for the bankster’s insurers. They were using and selling Watson’s  medical treatment plans to providers for cancer patients. They sold Watson’s cancer health treatment plan  when Watson’s ” medical knowledge” was around that of a first year medical student.

So  IBM were doing medical treatment plans for cancer patients without the patients  informed consent. IBM are selling & using their medical treatment programs, which  then raises the cost of “healthcare” for the patient . It is notable that IBM has  focused its  treatment plans on  chronic care patients. The results (and health outcomes) for big insurance corporations VS patients in the Watson/ IBM  medical treatment  and health data collection operation  remain secret to the public.Many patient do not even know their health info has been given to a third party.

I cringed to find out how the grid/network of cloud connected “smart” databases spying on the public could assist the neo nazi’s New world order(one world govt) . The spy  tech is already embedded in many phones, appliances and smart meters. IBM tech  was used in Hitlers time when the corporation found and sent people to be experimented on, tortured and murdered .

IBM marketing mantra for Watson was:”IBM execs have also previously suggested that people will be able to speak directly into their phone and pose a complex question for Watson to answer – a farmer holding up his smartphone to take video of his fields, and asking Watson when to plant corn”

A farmer knows when to plant corn.

These  IBM execs are dangerous and insane ,  if left unstopped (or believed) they would help create an  “stupider planet” . For them  an ” IBM  smart planet” is a planet where farmers  are so stupid they would have to pay to call IBM/Watson to tell them when to plant  corn!!? Here  again we have the  “don’t think for yourself ” meme.

Are we to believe  IBM execs are that stupid? -or do they just think the public is that stupid. What the NeoNazi corporation IBM is  actually doing is trying to connect up a global ” grid” to allow  a NWO to totally enslave  humanity.

IBM’s  data miner “Watson” is not AI , it is just a programmed computer. Programmed with private data, private  and personal data  which was taken  illegally and unlawfully.

It is a case of “Cleverness devoid of wisdom is destructive.” Eckart Tolle




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