Google & the CIA.


CIA’s Google is an oligarchy controlled web-based search engine.

CIA’s Google has no experience, knowledge or database of facts. 

CIA’s Google is going to try to become the  “Ministry of their own lies”.

A Google(CIA) funded “research team” is to compute a score for every web page, based on  (CIA’s)Google’s  automated database. The world according to a google (CIA) database.

The  Google “database”  will be  just  a  collection  of  google(cia) approved  web sites,  the neo nazi’s  database of   consensus pseudoscience.

A clandestine  organisation  that tortures, lies, spies and conspires in actions which are  inhuman  will  tell you what is a fact and what is not a fact?

Google ( a web based search engine )in a role of “thinking for you” . Google the privately owned business  has conflict of interests,  it will ignore facts for the profitability of its lies. And the CIA’s google will continue to lie  to maintain the control that the CIA’s oligarchy has over people (control which is based on unquestioning  belief in their lies).




Jon Rappoport's Blog

Breaking: Google gives new meaning to “Orwellian”

Becomes Ministry of Truth

by Jon Rappoport

March 1, 2015


“…if all records told the same tale — then the lie passed into history and became truth.” (1984, George Orwell)

The New Scientist has the stunning story (2/28/15, “Google wants to rank websites based on facts not links,” by Hal Hodson):

“THE internet is stuffed with garbage. Anti-vaccination websites make the front page of Google, and fact-free ‘news’ stories spread like wildfire. Google has devised a fix – rank websites according to their truthfulness.”

Great idea, right?

Sure it is.

The author of the article lets the cat out of the bag right away with his comment about “anti-vaccination” websites.

These sites will obviously be shoved into obscurity by Google because they’re “garbage”…whereas “truthful” pro-vaccine sites will dominate top ranked pages on the search engine.

This is wonderful if you believe what…

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