“Give Peace A Chance”

Every  political party( ” placed in power’) is controlled by Rothschild warmongers  http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-02-20/rothschild-vs-rothschild   or the “13 families of banksters” . So   political candidates are selected  by the corporation, their business is war -so how can we think they would want to bring us any peace?

Their wars continue as people believe the lies.


They want war not peace and so their corporate media glorifies war. All people should know that the global banking cabal dictates all the  policies and economic decisions of your nation. If you have an  central bank established in your nation you do not live in a sovereign nation. The lies that  the  cabal use to send your nation’s troops to war vary ,  but behind every war lie is the spreading of fear ,  it is fear of of a fake construct .

The real evil in all the wars in our history is the  warmongers who spread propaganda to wage their constant wars (and profit off it).

It is important to realize “we the people”  have to insist on peace.

Peace comes through individuals who have peace in their hearts  and minds.


3 thoughts on ““Give Peace A Chance”

  1. // Enjoyed reading the article, but a lot remains to be done. The evil is within us, unless we change ourselves, we can’t do any good. We need to open up our minds from the so called religious dogmas and explore the other potentialities given to us by Mother Earth, only than, we can to some extent do justice to the Society //

  2. Evil is not who we are nor are we the sum of a ( illuminati & its bankster system ) conditioned mind.
    We need to find out who we are.
    Paramount is the pursuit of self knowledge.
    Only when you know who you really are can you do justice to the society.

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