Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement(TPPA): Their rules for a hostile corporate takeover .

In a world where the TPPA ( or TPP) authoring  corporations have excessive political influence  their TPP is heading us further  in a downward movement. What we need is to end the banksters corporate tyranny  and so end the problems associated with our society having  a  corrupt  corporate based economy (and the  same corporate players putting their minions into the  political system).

‘A recent  example  of the content of the new global corporate rules  is a   “ agreement ” between Obama and Modi which means  Indian legislation  will be changed  to let US corporations off the hook in case of a devastating accident caused by these corporations. For example, suppliers of nuclear equipment could be redefined as “contractors” and therefore not be liable under Indian legislation. ‘  http://www.globalresearch.ca/good-news-us-corporations-wont-have-to-pay-for-nuclear-disasters-in-india/5428650 .


We do not need the big  corporations to  set  our nation’s  legislation or our  trade rules. We don’t need the big bank’s corporations  to  provide us with  permission and set up  the conditions of our trading  with  any of the 12 nations mentioned in the TPP. There is no reason for letting banksters (and their big  corporations)    dictate our nations trade agreement  terms.  NZ exports do not suffer any  prohibitive tariffs. The high nz dollar was the big NZ exporters complaint, this value  is set by the  authors of the TPP /banksters (WB/IMF). The World Banks  economic monopoly and  yet protection from the global  economic monopoly  is not in the TPP .

The TPP creates a monopoly for the big foreign owned corporations. The TPP would strengthen their monopolistic power.

A global monopoly on Intellectual Property rights( IP).The TPP would    reduce big corporate monopolies exposure to competition and create  barriers to entry that would  fail to serve New Zealand’s interests . This risk is marked in commitments entered into as part of international trade agreements.


The criminal global banking cartel constructed  the TPPA  and are acting as  Obama’s trade “negotiators”.     http://rt.com/usa/tpp-fang-big-banks-577/ .  It was  rejected in 2013  for what it is” a sinister corporate power grab”  . http://disinfo.com/2013/10/tpp-sinister-corporate-power-grab-yet/.

In 2015 it still has no public support.  The TPP  is still kept secret from the public (except wiki leaked documents). This is now  over four years of putting up with secret negotiations of 600 corporate advisers a process which  the public have not even been part of . And yet the TPP affects the public’s   food, the environment, workplaces, the Internet, banking and finance, job availability, healthcare, & energy.

No disclosure and no public support for the TPP  means that the TPP is still rejected by the people of New Zealand.



One thought on “Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement(TPPA): Their rules for a hostile corporate takeover .


    To: parlinfo@parliament.govt.nz
    Date: Fri, 06 Mar 2015 11:49:04 +1300

    This Letter forwards the following Key demands on the TTPA:

    1) Transparency now!: all documents relating to the TTPA
    negotiations, including draft consolidated texts, must be made
    public to allow for an open and critical public debate on the TTPA.

    2) A democratic process to allow for the scrutiny and assessment of
    the negotiation texts and which would ensure that policies are in
    the public interest.

    3) No ISDS: any provision containing Investor State Dispute
    Settlement (ISDS) mechanisms must be taken permanently out of the

    4) No regulatory cooperation council: all regulation must be fully
    in the hands of truely democratically controlled bodies and

    5) No deregulation of standards which safeguard and serve the
    public interest and the environment.

    6) No further deregulation and privatisation of public services.

    7) The promotion of humane and environmentally sustainable
    agricultural practices and protection of small family farming.

    Kind Regards

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