There is no democracy.

The idea of democracy has long held  the people in obedience because we are social beings. And psychologically we will not question the leader  if we think the largest group have the leader they want and we have a party the  “opposition” . But political leaders are birthed and chosen by the corporation not the people (election campaigns in the US can be up to a billion$ ). The political freak  show is   completely controlled . The “winning liar” is pre- selected( as is the opposition) and the media builds up  candidates they want and destroys the ones they don’t want .

Controlling the opposition: People think there is opposition in politics but as you know the opposition is totally useless for any function except that it makes people believe there is opposition and ” a democracy”.

What majority of people in a nation would run  investment bankers,   psychopaths or  drug pushers for the top leadership role?  No  we the people don’t choose-  the $mind controllers chose  http://educate-yourself.org/nwo/ .  Six  of their corporations   own 90% of the media which uses PR  for the purpose of pushing their agenda and mind control through the  dissemination of misinformation and setting up false beliefs.   http://www.storyleak.com/graphic-6-corporations-own-90-percent-of-media/.

The  political agenda  is  in opposition to a healthy, prosperous  and happy community. It is to grow and  maintain the  power and wealth of these .01%.

The rampant election fraud has been disclosed to us and yet we do not yet know the whole political show, the  production of lies is a farce used to control and enslave humanity.( http://www.wanttoknow.info/electronicvoting





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