(& Alexander Dugin’s Neo-Eurasianism )
What does a dictatorship need  to remain in power when more and more  people are learning about the system  (leading to  more individuals  not consenting) and  protesting   the widespread corruption?


How else  can the  corrupt global cartel (that wants a New World Order) start another world  war without first creating an enemy? Putin is but a actor in their really bad movie whose synopsis is the people once again fall for the oligarchy’s web of lies and deceit . It’s  corporation of the USA( or “govt “) has been torturing ,warmongering  and interfering with other nations for yonks . The  cartel  have purposefully chosen this time to provide media coverage of the horrific actions of its own out of control US corporation(“govt”)  to support Putin. The cartel has always controlled both sides . “Follow the money ” aptly points out how the same players are in bed with both “sides”.https://seeker401.wordpress.com/2015/05/31/the-diagram-connecting-putin-rothschild-and-rockefeller/

Here is  one  part  of the  mind control  techniques they  use   https://firstlook.org/theintercept/2014/02/24/jtrig-manipulation/. They use mind control all the time, when Obama is found by his voters to be “chickenshit” (on his knees at the beck and call of Israeli PM) a  media  report is released to the public that a “senior” Obama administration official called Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu “a chickenshit”.

The 13 families in this corrupt and evil cartel in this world  sometimes greedily squabbles  amongst themselves for “more”  (more power and more resources).  They use their media corporations, false flags and psy ops to divide and conquer us. They teach us ignorance, use mind conditioning  and deceit   to make the human race fear , fight and kill one another for their cause. Right now with this  media input ,  instead of uniting against the  police brutality and violence, they have ignited racial tension and a group to act out violence against the NYPD .

Putin represses a few american “liberal icons”( greenpeace, pussygirlband, does not destroy the traditional social definition of marriage) and his popularity in Russia goes up .

The NWO puppet  Putin is telling Russians  that if they want to avoid the draft they must work in weapons manufacturing. .Putin is the same brand of “evil global domination ” pretending to be the hero.

Eurasia against Atlantis.“The Soviets also led a very efficient propaganda campaign against Poland. From the first days of the war, the Soviets, the communist parties in the West, as well as the leftist organizations and individuals influenced by the communists, furiously attacked the Polish Government-in-Exile, the Polish Army, and Polish institutions in the West. The divide and conquer accusations leveled against them most frequently were anti-Sovietism( “terrorism, criminality”), anti-Semitism, political irresponsibility( “torture”) and chauvinism.  These attacks became more intense after the German invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941, when the Soviets became “our brave Russian allies” and Stalin was transformed from a bloody dictator and Hitler’s best partner to “good uncle Joe.” “An incredible thing seemed to have happened to the American mind,”.” Piotr Wrobel  .


2 thoughts on “Putin

  1. bddn AandE says:

    What??? Expand on your theory. Are you saying that Germany and Russia are all the USA?

    Or are you attempting to stake claim to being apart of some secret global revolution that happened way before the vast majority of whatever humans are on this so called earth?

    Whatever any of that is

    • No. Germany, Russia USA who has a global monopoly but the banks that loan money into existence, money your govt (wherever you are) borrow with interest in your name .
      There is a shadow govt that the banking cabal set up a long long time ago. Democracy in politics ” rule by the people” is fiction and dogma

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