The Measure of a Man

What qualities do you value in a human being?
As a society at this time we needlessly judge others, we also decide who is successful which is based on a banker’s economic model.
In this unsociable model the people that are taking public assets and “gifting” them to private corporations are not seen as “bludgers” but as highly reputable members of society . These people tell the country through the media that the poor, injured, unemployed or ill are “bludgers” .
People who are trying to survive, feed their family and keep a roof over their heads are deliberately villianized by the corporate media just before the corporation passes its draconian welfare changes/policies.
People who have lost their job, or are not employed due to health issues , ACC, disability or the bankster’s created economic crisis are still perceived by many as not “contributing” to society.
This type of thinking needs to be looked at for if we cannot stop judging at least we can bring in facts to the way we tend to measure a man.

For all those that ignorantly think because they have been told by the govt that their taxes go to pay  for unemployment,  your taxes don’t pay for unemployment/social welfare, taxes get sent offshore to a private banking cartel.

At what point do we view people, who clearly at this time cannot get a job for one reason or another, as not contributing to society ? Babies, toddlers and children are not employed and yet they are not seen as burdens.
When we look at some of the “work” that is being done today that we are told is “productive” we can see how it could harm society. For what are they actually producing is ways to retain power, or increase the wealth of the Crown and its corporations.
Are all these “wealth transfers” (and thinking up ways to transfer wealth) from the NZ people to private corporations really an example of productive human behaviour?

We really need to rethink the current investment banker’s model of the value of a human being.
Even better we stop judging people and applying false labels, the stigma labels that only serve to alleviate guilt, justify wealth, separate from or to make us feel superior to others


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