There is no such thing as an earthquake proof building…

So why are the Wellington City Council making us borrow to  spend   billions strengthening  buildings that are already to code and fully usable?

These “strengthened ” buildings are still not earthquake proof and will be no less likely to topple than an non strengthened  building in a severe earthquake. E.G  one building  $ 150,000 was defrauded   from the ratepayers to “earthquake strengthen” the   botanical gardens glass house and  yet   they did nothing that will  stop the  glass house from breaking up in an earthquake.

So what is the label “earthquake prone” if  after spending millions the  built to code building  remains “earthquake prone”.It means nothing -its just a label to scare you into non thinking compliance.

The people that invented this scam think that ratepayers will not find out about the data fraud, pseudo science  and manipulations that were used for it.

The pseudo science  and unbalanced thinking  the govt used in this debt creation project is so deeply flawed  that without it the project looks like a transfer of wealth from the ratepayers.

Click to access ErrorProneBureaucracy.pdf


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