Wellington the privatized “Stupor City”?

And this is the  attempted hostile takeover of Wellington’s local governance by the trickery of the central govt.

First  import a  non local CEO that had resigned from a council privatization dispute and other “chaotic” scandals in Cornwell UK. “Former Cornwall Council chief exec Kevin Lavery  invested in ‘Liberty scheme’ a huge tax avoidance scheme set up just for  select group of filthy rich traders/ investors .
Some other good questions from the people to and about the CEO were raised: http://www.cornwall24.co.uk/discussion/topic3995-15.html . Conflict of interest http://www.cornwall24.co.uk/discussion/topic3995.html

We have already been told the proposed amalgamation or privatisation will cause us fiscal pain which should worry any ratepayers ( & residents) as the WCC and GWRC  history of mismanaging the ratepayers finances is already reprehensible.

After no ratepayers supported the takeover of governance (and privatization) the central govt puppets labour  started a PR  campaign  using words like “democracy “. They started yet another  website so they can find out what exactly their spin doctors need to address to deceive the ratepayers.  They are thinking maybe a rigged  referendum on the unwanted stupor city will silence the dissent but let us not be fooled by any of the expensive campaigns,non binding referendums and  lies  that they make us fund.

Excuse me but what they are  doing has nothing to do with democracy. We don’t even have a democracy. We have an oligarchy.

Until we see the truth and unite they will continue to act for their private corporate interests.

Let us consider a solution to the problem of the Wellington council not following the will of the ratepayers (and residents) as  they were elected to. They were not elected to represent privatization, not to  further their political careers by their meaningless political words and not to serve their self interest -they need to learn what leadership really is. This central govt takeover of local governance is also a bit like musical chairs where only the most corrupt and obedient mayors & council officers will have a career in the new dictatorship/privatisation.

In England there is a great campaign to try to get rid of the oligarchy’s puppet Cameron “Just say Go” .

Yeah mates  we feel you.

Just say No.


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