The Oligarchy’s growing tumor of corporatisation in NZ healthcare and politics.

The problems of disconnectedness between hospital management  doctors and patients is but one symptom of the growing divide  which is  the push for growing  profits for the few over the welfare of all.

That is also what the TPPA is for -to extort total   control of NZ healthcare & grow corporate profits.

“Public hospital doctors and dentists are to  add their voices to the tsunami of concern about the consequences for health care in New Zealand if the TPPA is signed says ASMS Executive Director Ian Powell.:”scoop.co.nz

Any remaining ideas  of  NZ having a healthcare with national autonomy  will be wiped out by the TPPA,  no illusions of a nation will remain.

Newflash to one smug John Key -the New Zealand voters don’t trust you . The  election was a disgusting display of total corruption.

“That the ASMS opposes the TPPA on the grounds that health care will suffer from the loss of national autonomy that may result.”scoop.co.nz


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