Transparency : Can we talk openly about the abysmal disconnect?

The continuing error/saga of  management’s  cost cutting over service provision in  a public hospital. The  mainstream media reported latest CCDHB action.

“Dr Jimenez left Wellington blaming hospital management as one of the main reasons for resigning.He also said the  Capital & Coast DHB,  management “lacked vision” and prioritised cost-cutting.District health boards and the Ministry of Health had been “irresponsible” in not stepping up their attempts to keep &  train more Kiwi doctors in specialist fields.

There IS an “abysmal disconnect” between clinicians and management.

“Doctors are not empowered to make changes or grow services, as the decision-makers are more interested in cost savings over service delivery.””Stuff.co.nz

This story is repeated each time an intelligent reputable  specialist gets imported (at great cost) and upon assessment wants to improve unsafe and unsatisfactory areas of his/her health care.

If the problem is management, training more NZ drs as specialists (is good but) is not the solution. Management is the problem. In my other blog I posted the point drs have  exact same problem with management in the USA, they say hospital management are un receptive, they dictate and make medical decisions as funding  decisions leaving the dr to obey/mop up.

Hospital management in NZ  dictate  denial of  services for cost cutting  in the USA management  dictate more than needed services to make more money. Both USA & NZ hospital management systems are about profit$ for some shareholders.

I say a good start to the solution of disconnect is to get rid of the unresponsive  dictators  that are “hospital management” decision makers  that do not care about or support the provision of gold standard health services they just care about money and profit .

Unfortunately in the  health system the same disconnect  exists between Doctors  &  patients.  The dr /patient relationship holds the same dysfunctional disconnection pattern  we can see in the management/doctors relationship .

The next thing would be to allow transparency for the patients who  are ultimately the real ( but currently dis-empowered) funders.


3 thoughts on “Transparency : Can we talk openly about the abysmal disconnect?

  1. Dr Spock says:

    Looks like the abyss is widening and patient services are going to fall in.
    But we would like a discussion on the topic of management V.S regime.

  2. Thank goodness someone is talking about this. I have been writing/campaigning about the disastrous effects of the post-1993 corporatisation of hospital management since I first became involved in 1991 – when the old system was just starting to be phased out. Latest bureaucratic nonsense from the CDHB/WCDHB is the creation of the post of “people and capability manager” which has a 3 page job description for what is just more HR management. It’s absurdity is typified by the position’s requirement to, “establish the imperative”. How silly can they get? I am beginning to make fun of them in letters to papers and media statements. When they refuse to see sense it’s surely time to laugh at their non-sense.
    David Tranter
    Health Spokesman
    NZ Democrats for Social credit.

  3. Indeed its the attempted corporatization of humanity.
    Good job diagnosing the pathology of hospital management, we must all make efforts to stop this process by not giving it consent .
    We would not have any problems “keeping” doctors in NZ if we had good hospitals with a goal of provision of healthcare, completely free from the govt’s ill informed corporate policies and bureaucrats .

    The govt gives the equal amount that it spends in the budget on health to a private banking cartel for interest on money it could create itself.
    This is just one reason why the govt drs role as “cost cutters” for the corporation is wrong. The other reason is that you are human beings and so the actions of a corporation will not suit and will lead to stress and unhappiness.

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